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Just a quick note to re-state my appreciation for ServicePlanner.  The ministry tracking apps field has gotten pretty crowded, and the most popular seem to be the free ones. Too bad for them.  For many of us here on (location removed), Service Planner is still the best. I said it before, and it still seems true – I wish all my iOS apps were designed as well.  “Form follows function”. Covid has cramped my door-to-door activity, but your app is still wonderful for recording what I can do, and I still promote it to others. It is one of the best designed apps on my devices. In any category.
— CC, United States

Best iOS field service application
Moving to iOS it was hard to find a good replacement application that was similar to what I was used to on the android system. This app fits the bill. Well worth the initial cost. I highly recommend to all.
— JaidenMc00, United States

This has been a true gift!
Before using this app I had tried using others with some limited success. After having used the app for several months, I can truly state that it’s the best app to date for the ministry. Several friends in the hall have also commented on how powerful the app can be as a help to the ministry. Thank you!
— Simply Strong, United States

Until the light gets bright enough that we stop recording any information, this app will make what I find to be a painful process almost pleasant. The layers of customization and thought that went into this are phenomenal. Thank you!!
— hangr, Canada

Definitely 5 star worthy
I love this app. It’s so convenient and simple to understand. I’m really bad about keeping track of my time but with this app I can plan my month out add my calls etc and it even has a timer. Well worth 3.99!
— Aflores2003, United States

Ohhh the ❤️
So I am a bit of a tech lover. Due to city wide changes I ended up in a whole new territory. Found out about ServicePlanner and made the switch!!! Loveeee it. Sending reminders sets to my partners, setting goals for the month/day, using my dashboard to play videos, sending my hours with messages regarding additional credit hours, and the combo with Territory Helper just about made me faint!!! ohhhhh the happiness and organization I have come to is wonderful. Literally all I need is my phone. Thank you thank you!!!
— Mrs Duchess, United States

Just what I needed!
Switched over to this app and started using it this service year. I love the filters that allow me to organize my calls. That’s exactly what I was looking for!! Our territory here is large so the map and the filters allow me to organize and view my calls when I’m in certain locations. Also it keeps track of when to make my return visits and color codes them so no one gets forgotten! Love, love, love this app!! 😊 Thanks for the hard work!! Acts 20:24 ♥️
— iamtina2, United States

Simple and easy to use
I love this app. It makes recording time and info for call quick and easy. I also love the ability to be able to send all the call information to others from the app via email. I recently participated in a campaign and was able to give all my notes to the local publishers without any problem. Thanks for the great work.
— Tonikat, United States

Best Service App
Kudos to the developers. As a 28 yr pioneer, I love the many features such as scheduling, geotagging calls and the reporting features just to name a few. Great that it integrates with Territory Helper. Well done!!
— Booberdog, Canada

My favorite service “assistant” tool. Love how it integrates with Territory Helper. Useful for scheduling goals and love how it reminds me with return visits.
— Ddralves, South Africa

LOVE this app!!!
I love everything about this app. Wow! I can focus on people, not just time … and I love that I can just glance at the month and know where I’m at, depending on how much red there is, and make adjustment in seconds. Amazing!
— Mitchemetron99, Canada

Really great field service app
This continues to be my favorite field service app. It really serves me well as a pioneer, keeping track of my return visits and reminding me when I’m due to make them. I continue to find new things I can do with the app. Well worth the investment.
— Loisba, United States

Simply the best
I have tried almost all the applications for the ministry and this one is by far the most complete and well designed!
— Billmachin, Canada

Beste App für diesen Zweck im AppStore!
Früher habe ich immer meine Android Kollegen beneidet. Jetzt beneiden sie mich 🙂 Weiter so Matthew! Wie immer sehr gute Arbeit!!!
I always envied my Android colleagues. Now they envy me 🙂 Keep it up Matthew! As always very good work!!!
— anAppleEachDay, Germany

Very detailed and thorough
This app really helps to fully accomplish your ministry. I’m surprised of all the things included in this app. A must download for service!
— Campion10, United States

5 stars!
Great app. I downloaded it primarily to use it to plan my hours for pioneer service, and it works well for projecting future hours as well as tracking your current hours. I didn’t think I would utilize the Return Visit Contacts feature after not liking it in other apps, but it works quite well here.
— Drew+, United States

Feature Rich and Well Designed
I’ve been recording my field service records on my phone for years but this app is the best I’ve come across. Lots of features and integrates with everything else I use perfectly. The tech support is second to none, I’ve received detailed answers to all my questions right away.
— Dontana007, Canada

I can’t get over the detail and thought you have put into this app. Everything I wanted in a service app and more. Thanks for all of your hard work. It’s much appreciated!
— 9dart, Canada

Great App
— naonaho, Japan

Great ministry app – the best!!!
I have been putting it off for a long time in switching over from paper to electronic note taking for my calls. I had tried a couple of apps over the years, but wasn’t happy to give up my tried and tested pen and paper. The other week though, I was browsing the App Store and came across this app. The thing that stood out was the ability to sync across devices. No need to email files to update your other devices. The user interface is clean, easy to understand with lots of features. Great app!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool.
— navajboy, New Zealand

Just awesome and productive
One of the best app for the ministry that helps publishers to accurately input time, publication and calls. But also helps us to build our personal library to highlight materials to use in the ministry. Takes out the task of having papers and other apps to do the same task. I thank your developer and have shared this app with many.
— Mmckn, United States

Best ministry app
I love ServicePlanner. So intuitive to use and beautifully designed. But what I love the most is the functionality. As you use it, you can see it was developed with ministry management as the core, not like other apps which were developed to record time and placements and then the ministry management tacked on at the end. Love being able to schedule when to return on individuals, the various filters for seeing who to visit next, the visual library, ministry planning and more. If you are considering a new ministry app, I definitely recommend ServicePlanner.
— Nik, New Zealand

Excelente aplicación
Doy 5 estrellas. Una aplicación muy cuidada que facilita extraordinariamente el control de las visitas, revisitas, cursos bíblicos con notificaciones para hacer las revisitas según el flujo de trabajo que le hayamos asignado para cada tipo de visita. Incluye la posibilidad de crear filtros para organizar los contactos por territorios, etc.
— Chicharrero Tenerife, Spain

Very useful app
I have used a number of apps for tracking my ministry, but this one is the best of them all. It is solid, has all the features I need, and is easy to use. Highly recommended!
— Dmginaz, United States

Best app I’ve found for Service/RV planning
So glad I found this as I’d almost resigned to building something myself. This has great functionality and a modern sleek look. Planning and writing up calls can be done with great ease and the projected hours is very helpful. The fact it has Dropbox sync sets it apart. Would love to see a facility in the future where pioneers could factor in future holiday time and see how that impacts on the year goal 🙂 Highly recommended.
— Matt_S_H, United States

Best App!
I am 63, new things do not always come easy at this age. I decided to try a new way of keeping service hours, I am absolutely delighted with this app and the ease at which it took to learn how to use it. Thank You very much!
— Rooked2, United States

Worthy of a Design Award
ServicePlanner records, stores, manages, geo-locates, and even reports field ministry activity with easy to navigate controls, logical color scheme, and innovative features that make our Bible education work even more enjoyable. Syncing between iPhone & iPad is very handy.
— C in WA, United States

so muss es sein 👌🏼
Nach den ersten paar Minuten wird klar: Das ist eine professionelle app. Ob Bericht schreiben/verschicken, Haus zu Haus Notizen, die Zeit notieren oder die Verknüpfung zu Googlemaps, es ist alles vorhanden, was man braucht, in einer einzigen app. Sie ist sehr gut aufgebaut, übersichtlich und dabei nicht überladen. Dazu werden sehr viele Funktionen, wie Adressfilter und vieles mehr, die einem die Arbeit abnehmen angeboten. Mit Abstand die beste app. Ob man nun die Zeituhr etwas prickelnder gestalten sollte oder bei den Abgaben kleine Symbole hinzufügt, ist Geschmacksache. Mir würde es gefallen 😉 Natürlich volle 5 Sterne 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
— Eckhart, Germany

Thank you soooooo much!
I just wanted to say the app is WONDERFUL!!!!!! It has helped me increase all my service activity. Just what I have been looking for!
— Abby

Such a great App
So far so good! Coming from MyTime this app has a lot of the features that MyTime was lacking although MyTime was a great app. The developer of ServicePlanner is super responsive. My favourite feature is the ability to plan my month and track my progress right in the app. This feature is exactly what I was looking for!
— Ceedini, Canada

All in one place
I love the features of this app. I used to keep an annual plan in a spreadsheet for my time. This has a monthly/annual planner built in, awesome, fast and easy. I like that I can see placements via the pics of the literature. That I can add videos temporarily to the home screen for Calls that day, and then remove them later. How the summaries are just what is needed. The planned call feature is something I had to manually do before this app, now so easy and keeps Calls in priority. Glad it is here for the new service year! Worth the price, far more.
— Klaribaba, United States

Great app
Makes it very easy to keep a record of my ministry, time and RV’s. Also as I do other sacred service it allows me to record that as well and automatically enters it on my report, before this I had to use two apps. It’s GPS is accurate to making light work of recording RV. Would recommend this app.
— CoolJohnB, United Kingdom

Fantástica e increíble
Esta es la mejor app para llevar un control de la actividad en el ministerio para los TJ. Ahora en español, un idioma Tan hablado en el mundo, hace que sea mucho más fácil de usar. He de decir que ahora disfruto de llevar un control de la actividad. Siento que lo tengo todo bajo control.😉 Muchas gracias al equipo de desarrollo por las horas de trabajo en hacer esta app. Ha valido la pena. Estaré ansioso de ir viendo como sigue creciendo en próximas actualizaciones. 👏🏼
— More1360, Spain

Best of its Type!
I was satisfied using My Time until this app came along. Matt does it again. He is just so good at what he produces and seems to have real insight as to what our needs are. I absolutely love this app. It has helped me to be so much more organised in my ministry. Thanks Matt for doing such a great job.
— GerryWorkalot, United Kingdom

Best service app hands down!
I tried three other service apps (which shall remain unnamed) in the last ten years and they all had interesting features but always lacked in some way. Then came Service Planner! It has all the intelligent features and gets five stars on its initial launch! I love the fact that the activity page allows me to see what I’ve done daily on a monthly calendar instead of a scrolling list – so interactive. Auto-Dropbox sync works flawlessly and allows me to add data on my pad without having to squint on my phone. Great job! Thanks!
— Lets-try-again, Canada

Another good one Matt!
I am very exited to discover your new app. Grateful this is the beginning of the year so I will have a little less to copy from my previous “service” app too!… Thank you. I am most curious to see what more you might have in store for us!!
— Rabuzi, Belgium

Feature Rich
Great app so far. Still transferring my call book. Love the features so far. I’m happy he’s charging for the app, his time is valuable and a physical notebook or filler pages wouldn’t be that much less than the cost of this app. That way the developer can continue to spend time on the app and it not be just a hobby. Favorite features I’ve discovered: ➖ being able to show JUST the calls I have scheduled for any given day. ➖ being able to zoom with one tap and show all calls on my map, either ALL or just the ones for today (above comment) ➖ Dropbox sync so I can use my iPad too!!! The Developer of ServicePlanner has made other apps that I’ve used, the support has been very good and they are quality apps. Thanks for a great app and thanks for actively developing it. [v1.3.0] Nice new updates regarding service partners and notifications. Just recently heard some encouragement to not only plan our return visits but also to plan to work with others for an interchange of encouragement. This new feature will help me with that. Thanks for the new features in the latest update!
— Dezotl, United States

Best field service app
Tried most of the apps for field service but this is by far the best. Loads of features, beautiful UI and really easy to use. Well worth the money. Looking forward to seeing how the app develops too. Thank you for your hard work.
— Kyle McB, United Kingdom

Powerful, Helpful and Simple
Having used MyTime for years this app just quite simply expands what I am now capable of doing when it comes to recording and planning my ministry. It can be customised to what you want/need it to be, so if you are an inexperienced user or experienced it can meet your needs. Also the use of visual icons and colours as opposed to simply lists of text really help me see what I need to see easily.
— Snarley88, New Zealand

Great App
This is by far the best app I have used for the ministry!
— G-K-J, United States

Just what I’ve been looking for!
LOVE it! Excited for the future features and how responsive the developer has been, thank you!
— SashaAlva, United States

Great Help, Finally an app that synchronizes
This App is really great. It has everything I was looking for. Best of all, it synchronizes between my iPad and my iPhone. Best App for Field Service.
— PGKausER, United States

So grateful for this app so far. Now you added a timer which is what I wanted. Lots of features. I learned that the maker of Equipd designed this and that adds to my confidence in this app. Thank you.
— PageCW, United States


An amazing tool for the ministry with great support – thank you sooo much!!!
— DkK876rynf, United States

What I’ve been hoping for!

Everything I’ve been waiting for in a service app and more is here with more goodies to come. So easy to auto add an address on the spot. Love the map and pin feature to find nearby calls and that easily takes me to directions if I need it. Love seeing so easily with pictures all the placements I’ve left with a call. I could go on and on with all the things I love about!
— justsaying24, United States

I think I’m in love
I wish other apps on my iPhone and iPad were designed so well. It really is a pleasure to use. Yes, it will take a while for you to transfer your R.V.s from your current app to ServicePlanner, but when it is done, birds will sing, the sun will come out and a rainbow will appear.
— CC, United States

This app blows away all else available!
To all who loved Equipd, and remember how great of an app it was previous to JW Lib, this is the beginning of a great service report app. Agree with the previous commenter on how great this app is. It does take a little while to get populated with all the publications and videos as each one is done individually. I have spent the better part of a day adding literature: books, brochures, magazines, tracts, and videos. Not to mention moving over all of my return visits from another app. Once all that is done it gets much easier to understand and use but set up does take awhile. Setting it up yourself does help with getting the lay of the app and how to use it going forward. Can’t wait to see what is in store with future versions of the app … Thanks Matt. This has been long overdue on iOS!
— Ev0826, United States

Dropbox sync!
I used the Mobile Windows versions years ago on a number of iPaqs. Delighted to see it for iOS. Dropbox sync is awesome. I have used a number of different apps in iOS but often have issues with losing data. Mostly by copying a backup the wrong way. Or having made charges on two different devices. As a result I often find myself using built in iOS apps in a hamfisted attempt to have backed up and synced data. Looking forward to copying over all my existing calls into one place.
— Patrick West, United States

The search is over…
Finally. All the important features in an easy to use field ministry app. Visit the Developer Website and see for yourself. Then part with five bucks. You will not regret it. Wonderful design. Easy to use. Dropbox integration syncs info quickly between my iPhone and iPad. Geolocation for address lookup and insert. I may pioneer just to use this app more.
— cmchambo, United States

Great App for the Ministry!
Bought this app last week only a day or two after it came out. One week in it already had it’s first update with new features. Not only is this app a great way to track your ministry. It really helps you plan out your next months hours and your next steps for your return visits. If you miss anything useful or think some things could be improved you can even ask for a feature request. I am very impressed with the whole experience and definitely think it is worth the little investment.
— MichaelvdVelde, New Zealand

Mir gefällt es langsam
Am Anfang etwas überwältigt von den vielen Features. Allerdings finde ich sie mittlerweile prima. Ein bisschen MyTime modern. Als jahrelanger Equipd User hat der Programmierer ein Stein im Brett bei mir 😉
— Oli, Germany

Finally!! Thank You!!
Finally!! What a wonderful App! It is worth every penny!! Seriously, I was just about to purchase an android device in order to use ministry assistant because of the lack of good service apps on the Apple Store. I happened to stumble across this last night and decided to give it a shot. I am so elated over an app that is finally set up with return visits in mind – The app is beautifully laid out, moving through the app is intuitive and easy to use. What a nice job!!!! The only thing that I would add, is a way of keeping up with not at homes and working territories. But, I’m so happy with this app – that is just a quibble. Again, what a wonderful app.
— ddp224a, United States

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