Can multiple users share the app on the same device?

The short answer is “no”. ServicePlanner has been designed for a single user per device.

A couple of other ministry apps have the concept of “User Profiles” which allows multiple users to share the app on the same device. ServicePlanner does not have this feature, and while I don’t believe in saying “never”, it is “unlikely” that the app will have this feature in the future.

If there is only one device between multiple users in your family, the only option in the meantime is that one person uses ServicePlanner, and the others use a different app. Sorry for any inconvenience.

But the App Store says it supports “Family Sharing”?

Some have been a bit confused by the App Store where it says that ServicePlanner “Supports Family Sharing”. Family Sharing is not a feature of ServicePlanner. Most apps on the App Store support Family Sharing. “Family Sharing” is a feature of Apple’s iCloud … and in this case it allows up to 6x family members to install the app on their different devices, without having to pay for the app multiple times. You can learn more about Apple’s Family Sharing here.